Software Development Tools for Smarter Programming

Indigo Rose Software Design has been producing award-winning software development tools and software deployment tools since 1991. From RAD multimedia software programming tools and Windows Installer builders to binary patching, autorun CD’s and automated software updating – Over 336,978+ developers rely on our products to reach millions of end-users around the world.

Windows App Maker

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 Multimedia Software Development System

NEW! AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5
Our award-winning, visual approach to multimedia software development makes it easy for anyone to create their own software applications. Create CD/DVD autorun menus, interactive presentations, training applications and other custom multimedia software in a drag-and-drop environment.
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Windows Software Installation Tools

Setup Factory 9.5 Software Installer Builder

NEW! Setup Factory® 9.5
For projects needing the custom installation logic that only a scripted installer can give you, there’s no better choice than our extremely popular “classic” installer builder. It’s extremely easy to use, but it’s also incredibly powerful. Creates both 32 bit and native 64 bit installers for Windows applications.
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Web Updating & Binary Patching

TrueUpdate 3.8 Automated Software Updating System

TrueUpdate® 3.8
Add an automated software updating system (i.e. ‘Check for Update’ feature) to your software. The TrueUpdate client can be integrated quickly and easily into new and existing software product, regardless of the installation, patching or deployment solutions being used. Works with any standard web server.
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Autorun MAX! 2.4 Autorun CD Creator

Autorun MAX! ® 2.4
If you don’t require the power and flexibility of our flagship product AutoPlay Media Studio, but you still want to make professional CD/DVD autorun menus, then Autorun MAX! is for you. Features a completely visual drag-and-drop development environment and dozens of ready to use templates.
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MSI Factory 2 Windows Installer Builder

MSI Factory® 2
When you need to create .MSI format software installer packages, choose the next generation intelligent setup builder. It’s the only visual setup builder to fully leverage Microsoft’s next generation Windows Installer XML (WiX) compiler technology for creating 100% pure MSI format installer packages in a faster and more intuitive way.
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Visual Patch Binary Patching Tool

Visual Patch® 3.8
Create exceptionally small and secure binary patch files for your software products. Features state-of-the-art binary differencing and compression algorithms, combined with a powerful full history patching engine. Pair it with TrueUpdate for a totally automated Internet software updating solution.
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Android App Development

AirBop Push Messaging Server for Android Apps

AirBop Push Messaging Server is a high-performance Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) server platform for Android app developers. Don’t reinvent the wheel. When you need to add push notifications to your Android apps, AirBop makes it easy, fast and affordable. Built on a world-class server stack, we instantly adjust for load, have continuous data protection, and can scale to handle billions of Android devices. Start off with 1,000 managed devices for free…
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Andromo App Maker for Android

NEW! Andromo App Maker for Android
Andromo is Indigo Rose’s new app maker for Android. It creates 100% pure native-code Android apps that run on hundreds of millions of Android smartphones and tablets. All without coding! With over 900,000 Android devices being activated every day, you need to start making Android apps today…
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Software Libraries

DeltaMAX Binary Patching Library

DeltaMAX Binary Differencing Library
Embed our advanced binary differencing (delta compression) engine into your software applications. This 32-bit Windows DLL/ActiveX is written in C++ (ATL) and requires no additional runtimes or DLLs to be distributed with it. DeltaMAX is incredibly fast and works with all file types.
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