Quotes from Satisfied Customers (Over 336,978 Strong!)

thumbnail-testimonialsIndigo Rose software development tools are used by over 94,060 developers worldwide. From that first impression with a CD/DVD autorun menu and a rock-solid software installer, we’ve got your entire software deployment cycle covered – All the way to secure binary patches and automated Internet software updating. Our focus on producing innovative and award-winning software development tools and backing them up with world-class technical support has garnered us many accolades from satisfied customers.

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“At QAVantage, we create software to help make the lives of Product Managers, Developers, QA and Project Managers better. Our customers are probably the most demanding and discriminating audience you can get for a software product. The last thing we wanted is to end up with an installer that doesn’t provide a first class experience, right out of the box. We’ve been long time users of Setup Factory, starting on 6.0, upgrading to 7.0, and then finding a perfectly smooth transition to 8.0, where we’ve made good use of the great detection routines for prerequisites. Setup Factory 8 been a big help in making a new product version installer that’s clear, rock-solid and repeatable. Great job Indigo Rose!”
Robert Chenal, QAVantage

“As an eLearning content author, developing health promotion and educational projects, I use Indigo Rose’s excellent Software Deployment Suite to facilitate my work. MSI Factory has an enormous compliment of well thought out features, supplemented by quick and responsive support, plus a robust user forum, making it an extraordinary value. When asked by professional colleagues for recommendations, I unhesitatingly encourage them to explore Indigo Rose’s superb programs and now have added this newest entry for their consideration.”
Stephen G. Wartel, eLearning Author, writingprojects.com

“We have been using Setup Factory and Visual Patch and they have to be the best pieces of software I have had the pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work guys”
Sean Naghibi, 2Simple Software

“The current product range offered by Indigo Rose Software is innovative, practical and user friendly. With ongoing customer-base driven features and product support that is second to none, I have complete confidence when making any product investment decision.”
Martin J Evans, Lemuria Software Group

“I have used Indigo Rose software for a number of years. Their visual similarity makes it easy to use them all. MSI Factory continues this and is easy to pick up and go.”
Kevin Murphy

“After using Autoplay Media Studio for over 6 years, the exceptional technical support and robust product validates the quality of my final product to my customers. I would highly recommend Indigo Rose for any of their products.”
Robert Baker, North Star Multimedia

“I purchased Autoplay Media Studio back in 2003 and it has helped me to quickly create dynamic, easy-to-use applications since that time. I have not found any other programming platform to be so easy to learn, and yet, still have enough depth to be able to create applications that are so feature-rich for the end-user. Autoplay Media Studio would be an excellent application for those wanting to get started in programming. Thank you Indigo Rose Corporation for Autoplay Media Studio and for many years of service you freely give! You guys/gals are a class act in the industry!”

“I have been using Indigo Rose products now for about 3 years and I have grown to appreciate software that makes doing my job much easier. I love the support I get from the community and everyone is extremely helpful in every respect. I would recommend Indigo Rose software to anyone who wants to get the job of creating, distributing or updating software done quicker and with more power than any other comparable software I have seen. Two thumbs up!”
Al Lotufo, OMT Technologies Inc.

“AutoPlay Media Studio is our multimedia flagship software. The ease of use and the power under and over the hood is ideal for both teaching and producing multimedia titles. From profile CD’s, through full educational application, AutoPlay Media Studio is THE answer to our needs.”
Yossi Klein, Michlalah – Jerusalem College

“I would like to commend you on your professionalism and prompt responses. You have saved us valuable time. We develop computer based training solutions and every once in a while we’re asked what packaging software we use and why. This is one example of the reasons “why” I like to give. As well, your documentation in Setup Factory is amazing. The examples are time savers and speed development time tremendously.”
Michael Lacaria, Interactive Computer Solutions Inc.

“I must say it’s nice to deal with a company that has such friendly support!”
Roger Musson, British Geological Survey

“BIG thanks to you guys for treating me so well over the past couple of years. I cannot say enough good things about the company and respect you have earned. I find myself in a constant quandary over how much to tell my colleagues about Indigo Rose. Some of them have now come to rely on me to produce their multimedia projects, and I don’t want to lose that extra revenue. :)
Eric Darling, Video Construction Company

“A brief note to let you know that at Self-Counsel Press we have developed more than 200 CDs using AutoPlay Media Studio and Setup Factory. The CDs are sold as standalone products and as components of the books we publish for the Canadian and US markets. With another 50 CDs being planned for the coming six months, including a series of bilingual (French & English) CDs, we will be relying more than ever on your great software!”
Richard Day, Managing Editor, Self-Counsel Press

“Thank you so much for all the kindness and generosity that you and your employees have extended to me. By every measurement, you really run a top-notch company. You have managed to bring together superior products, support, and employees, all under the same roof. It’s a rare thing for a company to manage superiority in any of those areas, and Indigo Rose has it all. It’s truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to get involved with such an outstanding company as yours. Given your company’s unequivocal commitment to excellence, it’s easy to understand why I’ve decided to ‘hitch my wagon’ to your outstanding team. The future looks increasingly bright for your wonderful company, thank you for letting me come along for the ride.”
Jim Sewell, Acme-Tek

“AutoPlay Media Studio is an amazing piece of software and over the past year, I’ve pushed it to the boundaries and back.”
Keoki Trask, The Hidden Forest

“I have had AutoPlay Media Studio since version 3.0 but only used it for CD menus. Now I have been using it for lots of other things and the sky is the limit… It has opened a whole new line of business for us creating touch-screen kiosk applications, it’s perfect for this. I also love the Lua language, very easy to learn and very powerful. Thanks again for the excellent product.”
Dermot, Fitz Solutions, Inc.

“I just want to send you guys a thank you for such a great quality product. I have been going through the manual and almost done, and am in awe of the features you have packed into AutoPlay Media Studio. I really didn’t want to spend that much money for this product, as I already have a program called [...]. I am sure glad I made the decision to purchase. You people have really put a lot of thought into the many features of this product. The manual is very well written and easy to understand, obviously by someone who knows how to communicate with people. Just wanted to pass along to you how much fun I am having with this product and it is worth every penny. Feel free to use my comments in your advertising. Thanks.”
Bruce Cleveland, My Memories Forever Video Production