Program Menus

Button Maker

Opens the AutoPlay Media Studio Button Maker. The button maker allows you to create custom buttons to use in your projects.

Optimize Resources...

Opens the Remove Unused Resources dialog where you can remove any unused files from your project's resources.

Script Explorer...

Opens the Script Explorer dialog where you can edit all scripts within your project from one central location.

Script Editor

Opens the Indigo Rose Script Editor application. This is a stand-alone program allowing you to edit action scripts outside of AutoPlay with support for syntax highlighting, intellisense code completion and help file integration. This application is named "IRScriptEditor.exe" and can be found in the AutoPlay program folder.

Open Source File

Open's the source file, if any, of the currently selected object for editing.

Note: By default, choosing this option will open the selected object's source file exactly as the file would be opened if the user had double-clicked it in windows. However if you want to use a specific program to open a specific file extension (e.g. Photoshop for .jpg files), you can define a list of programs that can be used to open the selected file and even pass the program specific command line arguments using the File Association Preferences.


Opens the Customize dialog where you can create custom toolbars, shortcut keys or link to external programs.