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Opens the New Project dialog to start a new project. If there are any unsaved changes in the current project, you will be prompted to save them.


Opens a previously saved AutoPlay Media Studio version 5 ,6 ,7, 8 project file, or imports an AutoPlay Media Studio 4 project file or imports an AutoPlay Menu Studio 3 project file.

Note: When opening a project file created with a previous version, AutoPlay Media Studio 8 will analyze your project and may create a report detailing where minor changes may need to be made for compatibility. See Changes to AutoPlay Media Studio for more information.

Note: Autorun MAX! projects can also be opened in AutoPlay Media Studio, however they first must be exported from Autorun MAX! as an *.apz file. You can do this by going to File > Export and selecting AutoPlay Media Studio x.x as the "Save as type."


Saves the current project file.

Save As...

Saves the project under a different name. This creates a new folder, copies all of the files from the current project into that folder, and creates a new project file.


Creates an archive of your project for backup purposes, or to transport it somewhere else. An Export Project dialog will be displayed where you can choose a name and location for the Zip file. This feature will archive all of the files within your Project folder.

Note: If you select Project Template (*.apt) as the Save as type, once you click save you will be presented with the Project Template Information dialog, where you can save information about the template, and include a screenshot.

Tip: You can select the Clean Resources option from the Export Project dialog to clean up unused resources before archiving. This feature is the same as if you went to Tools > Optimize Resources...


Reverts to the last saved state of the project. A confirmation dialog will display informing you that all unsaved changes will be lost (the confirmation dialog is a preference that can be turned off).


Opens the Document Properties dialog where you can add project specific developer notes.


Closes the current project and exits out of AutoPlay Media Studio. If there are any unsaved changes in the current project, you will be prompted to save them.