Project Wizard

The optional features tab is where you can configure the options that by default will work with most setups, such as whether to create an uninstall.

Include uninstall support

Whether to create an uninstall for your software. This option can be changed later from the Uninstall Settings dialog.

Create a log file during installation (and uninstallation)

Whether to create a log file during the installation and uninstallation.

Warn the user if they don't have with Administrative privileges

If checked, and the setup is run on a system without administrative privileges, the user is alerted, and the setup will not continue.

Tip: Use this option when changing system settings, or when writing to a folder where permissions are required, such as Windows or Program Files.

Operating systems supported (required) by your software:

What operating systems (OS's) are supported by your software. The installer will not run on any OS which is unchecked.