QuickTime Object

The QuickTime object lets you play audio, video or show images on the page or dialog. It does this by taking advantage of the QuickTime ActiveX control that is found on most systems.

Specifically, it embeds the QuickTime control directly into your AutoPlay application. This essentially "borrows" the QuickTime player's rendering engine and uses it to display media files in your AutoPlay application. The QuickTime object supports a wide variety of media formats.

The QuickTime object is compatible with any version of the QuickTime ActiveX control. However, some files may only display in certain versions of the control. Therefore you may want to take steps to ensure that your users will have the appropriate version of the control installed on their systems.

Note: You will need to configure this detection by going to Project > Dependencies. There you will be able to select the QuickTime ActiveX control and customize its detection properties.