string VisualPatch.CheckFolderVersion ( 

string SessionVariable,

string Folder )


Checks to see what version of your software is located in the target folder and returns its version number (name on the version tab).

This action looks through all releases in the project, starting with the newest release, and does the following:



(string) The name of the session variable to search for in each key file's destination paths, for example %AppFolder%.


(string) The path to the folder that you want to check.


(string)  The version number (version tab name) whose key files containing the SessionVariable pattern were found in the specified Folder that also have the correct MD5 value. If the key files cannot be located, nil is returned. You can use Application.GetLastError to determine whether this action failed, and why.


When adding an action with the action editor, you can use this field to specify a variable that the return value will be stored in.

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