string Crypto.BlowfishDecryptString ( 

string Text,

string Key )


Decrypts a string that was encrypted using the Crypto.BlowfishEncryptString action. (Decodes a base64-encoded string and decrypts the blowfish-encrypted data.)

Tip: You do not have to Base64Decode the string first, simply pass this action any string encoded using the Crypto.BlowfishEncryptString.

Note: Base64 encoding is the process of encoding arbitrary data as plain ASCII text. One common use for this type of encoding is sending files through email. It is one of the techniques employed by the MIME standard to send data other than plain ASCII text.



(string) The string that you want to decrypt.


(string) The secret key that the data was encrypted with.


(string) The decrypted version of a string that was encrypted with a Crypto.BlowfishEncryptString action. If the data cannot be decrypted or some other error occurs, an empty string ("") is returned. You can use Application.GetLastError to determine whether this action failed, and why.


When adding an action with the script editor, you can use this field to specify a variable that the return value will be stored in.

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