Uninstall Settings

Create uninstall shortcut in Start menu > AppFolder

Create a shortcut in the application folder (%AppShortcutFolderName%) of the user's Start Menu to launch the uninstall program.



The description text that you want to display for the uninstall's shortcut.


The comment that you want to display for the uninstall's shortcut.



The icon mode you want to use for the uninstall shortcut. Choose from:


Use the default uninstall icon for the uninstall's shortcut.


Use a custom icon for the uninstall's shortcut:

Icon path:

The path to the icon file that will be used to represent this shortcut on the user's system. The file must be a valid Windows icon (.ico) file. You can click the Browse button to open the Insert File Reference where you can select an existing standard icon (.ico) file from your project, or add one. After the file has been selected, this field will contain the location to reference the icon file after it has been installed on the user's system.

Icon index:

The index of the icon you want to use from the file specified in Icon path. If there is only one icon in the file, or if you want to use the first icon found in the file, enter "0" here.