Uninstall Screens

The While Uninstalling tab is used to configure the type of progress screen you want to show while your application's files are being removed.

Show progress screen during install

Whether to show a progress screen during the uninstall process.

Progress Screen


The type of progress screen currently configured to display during the removal of the application files.


Open the Screen Gallery dialog where you can select a different progress screen.


Open the selected progress screen's properties dialog so you can configure its settings.


Add to Gallery...

Opens the Add to Gallery dialog where you can add a custom progress screen to the global screen gallery.

Export Language

Expands to a menu containing all languages in the project available for export. Clicking on a language will open a Save As dialog so you can choose the path that the selected language will be exported to. A dialog message will notify you of success or failure.

Import Language...

Open a file browse dialog so you can select a screen's language XML file that you want to import into the currently selected screen. A dialog message will notify you of success or failure.


An image preview of the currently selected progress screen.

Note: Since this screen displays dynamic content during the uninstall, some content will not appear during a preview of the screen.