Uninstall Screens

The Uninstall Screens dialog is where you can add, remove, arrange, preview, export and configure all of the screens you want to show during the uninstall process.

There are three tabs on the Uninstall Screens dialog: the Before Uninstalling tab, the While Uninstalling tab, and the After Uninstalling tab. These three tabs represent the three different times during the uninstall process when screens can be shown.

At run time, the screens are displayed in the same order as they're listed on these tabs.

Screen text can also be translated for each language that is supported by your setup. A language selector can be found on the Settings tab of each screen's properties dialog so you can quickly translate this text.

To access the Uninstall Screens dialog, choose Uninstall > Screens... from the program menu.

There are three locations you can add screens to your uninstall: