Many developers integrate security both in their software product, as well as their installation in order to minimize its use by unauthorized individuals.

The Security dialog contains two types of security for your install. The Serial Numbers tab allows you to create and manage the serial number list(s) you wish to integrate into your setup. During your install, you can prompt the user for their serial number or password and validate it by comparing it to the entries in your encrypted serial number list. This can all be done automatically using the Verify Serial Number screen.

The second form of security that can be configured can be found on the Expiration tab of the Security dialog. These settings can be used to make an install expire (cease to run) under certain situations.  For example, an install can be configured to expire after a certain number of days, or the number of times it has been run. If the install determines that it has expired, the user will be notified using an abort dialog.

The Security dialog tabs can be accessed from the Project program menu.

The Security dialog contains the following two categories: