Project Settings

The Project Settings dialog is where you can configure various installation settings for your project. One section allows you to define a series of built-in and custom session variables for your install. These are used as dynamic placeholders for commonly used values in your setup such as destination paths and product names.

The second category of settings apply to the background window of your install. The background window is a large window that your main installation window will sit on at runtime. The background window may be a solid color, gradient color, or even an image.

The Requirements category provides a easy method of checking the user's system for certain settings that must be in place for your application or install to run. Some of these settings include the target operating system, screen resolution and  administrative rights.

Another category that can be found here is the configuration for an installation log file. This is a very useful debugging tool that logs everything that occurs during the execution of your setup, including any errors that may occur.

The Advanced section contains a few advanced settings for your install such as silent mode switches, archive integrity checking, user profile defaults and advanced icon and taskbar representations.

The Skin section allows you to change the appearance of your setup by applying a style or skin file to the runtime.

Each of these categories can be accessed from the Project program menu.

The Project Settings dialog contains the following categories: