Make Setup Factory save your project automatically at regular intervals.


The time in minutes to wait between autosaves. This is how long Setup Factory will wait after it automatically saves your project, before it automatically saves the project again.

Purge Level:

The maximum number of autosaved project files that you want Setup Factory to keep at any given time.

The files will be saved at regular intervals in a subfolder called "Autosave" located in the same directory as your project file. The files will automatically be named according to the following format:




The maximum number of changes that will be undo-able in Setup Factory. (Set this to 0 to disable the undo/redo feature.)

Note: You can change how added files are handled by changing the Files Preferences.  The default languages included in projects are specified in the Languages Preferences.

New Projects

Start with Project Wizard

The project wizard will be used whenever a new project is created.

Start with empty project

A blank project will be used whenever a new project is created.