Packages are special categories that you can define in order to group related files together. They're often used to present optional components and letting users choose which parts of an application they want to install on their system.

You can have as many packages in a Setup Factory project as you want. Each package has an ID, display name and an optional description that you can use to provide information about the package to your users. This information will appear on the Select Packages screen that you can include in your installer. The Select Packages screen allow your users to select which packages they want to install.

Each file in a Setup Factory project can be assigned to one or more packages. When a file is assigned to a package, it will only be installed if the user selects that package at run time. In other words, when users choose a package, they automatically enable the installation of all the files that belong to it.

To access the Packages dialog, choose Project > Packages... from the program menu.