Many developers distribute their applications to locations around the world whose native languages differ. For this reason, it is often desired to present the install's instructions in different languages based upon the language currently defined in their Operating System's Regional Settings.

Setup Factory has the ability to automatically detect the user's system language and also display messages and screens in that language. The developer has full control over what languages are supported in their setup and what they would like to present to the user in those cases.

Language text is mainly used for messages generated throughout the install, and on screens, both of which can be easily translated by the developer for multi-lingual installs.

All of the language files are in XML format for easy editing in an XML or text editor. The available language files can be found in ...\Setup Factory 9\Languages.

Screens can also be easily translated on a screen-by-screen basis, based on the languages that are currently supported by the setup. Those translations can be done on the screen itself for each supported language, or externally by a translator. You can select the language being translated for each screen on the Settings tab of its properties dialog.

To access the Languages dialog, choose Project > Languages... from the program menu.

The languages dialog contains one tab: