Folder References

During the development process it's not uncommon for files to change, or new files to be added to the setup periodically. When updating the installer, it is very easy to overlook new file entries that must be distributed. In cases where you do not need to set specific properties, creating a folder reference will keep your install up-to-date whenever you build.

Instead of adding individual files to your setup one by one, you can specify entire folders to include. This is accomplished by adding a folder reference to your setup whose contents are included at build time. You can include all the files and subfolders in the specified folder, or include/exclude files based on a file mask.

Note: Folder references will not include empty folders in your setup. Only folders that contain files that are included in the setup (based on the file mask), will be created by Setup Factory at runtime.

Adding Folder References

Folder references can be added to your project using one of the following methods:

Note: Adding a folder reference to your project makes a reference to that folder's contents on your development system. It does not make a copy, or modify its contents in any way.

Removing Folder References

Selected folder references can be removed from your project using one of the following methods:

Note: Removing a folder reference from your project only removes its reference in your project. The folder or its contents will not be deleted from your development system.

Editing Folder Reference Properties

Once folder references have been added to your project, you may need to edit the properties of individual, or groups of folder references in your project file list.

There are two types of folder reference properties dialogs in Setup Factory:

The dialog that opens depends upon how many folder references are selected for editing. You can edit the properties for one or more folder references by first selecting them and then using one of the following methods: