While setups can be created to accomplish many different tasks, the installation of files is the main purpose of an installer. Setup Factory allows you to easily add, remove and edit the properties of files you want to install on the end users system.

Once you have determined what files you need to distribute in your install, you are ready to add them to your Setup Factory project.

Adding Files

Files can be added to your project using one of the following methods:

Note: Adding a file to your project makes a reference to that file on your development system. It does not make a copy, or modify that file in any way.

Removing Files

Selected files can be removed from your project using one of the following methods:

Note: Removing a file from your project only removes its reference in your project. The file will not be deleted from your development system.

Editing File Properties

Once files have been added to your project, you may need to edit the properties of individual, or groups of files in your project file list.

There are two types of file properties dialogs in Setup Factory:

The dialog that opens depends upon how many files are selected for editing. You can edit the file properties for one or more files by first selecting them and then using one of the following methods: