Timer Control

A timer control is a tool used to perform actions at a specified time interval.  This control has no visual elements, and is controlled via actions.

Additional features of the timer control can be found in the following two categories:

Note: A timer's CtrlID will always equal 0.

Notification Messages

A notification message is triggered whenever the user interacts with a control, or whenever user interaction affects a control in some way. Each notification message consists of a number that identifies the type of interaction that has occurred, and a table containing details specific to that type of interaction. These two values are passed to the screen's On Ctrl Message event as the event variables e_MsgID and e_Details.

(number) e_MsgID
A numeric constant that represents the specific notification message that was fired by the screen control. See the e_MsgID column below for all possible message ids that can be fired by a button control.

(table) e_Details
A table of a
dditional details that may be passed by the control when certain notification messages are fired. See the e_Details column below for the kinds of details that are returned and the table indexes that you can use to access them.






Fired at the interval specified with Screen.StartTimer.


Related Actions

The following actions are available for interacting with a timer control: