string SessionVar.Get ( 

string VariableName )


Returns the unexpanded contents of a session variable.

For example:
If the session variable %MyVar% contains another session variable %MyInsideVar%, using SessionVar.Get will return the string "%MyInsideVar%" and not the expanded contents of %MyInsideVar%. To recursively expand the contents, you would use the SessionVar.Expand action.

Tip: You can tell when a session variable is undefined if the string returned is the same as the string passed in.



(string) The name of the session variable whose contents you want.


(string) A string containing the session variable's contents. If an error occurs, the string that was passed in is returned. You can use Application.GetLastError to determine whether this action failed, and why.


When adding an action with the action editor, you can use this field to specify a variable that the return value will be stored in.

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