Full Support for v7 and v8 Projects

Setup Factory 9 remains almost 100% compatible with v7 and v8 projects. The items below describe areas that may require attention.

Lua Language Changes

Setup Factory now contains an updated version of the Lua scripting library, version 5.1 (previously 5.0). Setup Factory's version has been compiled to try to maintain compatibility, however there are some minor syntax changes/deprecations made to the language that you need to be aware of for future development as well as previously created projects and lua scripts.

When importing a project made with an earlier version of Setup Factory, Setup Factory 9 will automatically analyze your project file and create a report detailing any areas where it thinks the old style for loop is in use. If there are any old for loops found the report will automatically be saved in the same folder as your new 9 project file and opened in your default web-browser. We recommend analyzing each line of code found in the report to ensure that you only use the new for loop syntax.

Table Iterating For Loops

The syntax for iterating a table using for loop using in has changed (has been deprecated) If the syntax is not changed, a runtime error will be thrown when executed.

Old syntax:

mytable = {"One","Two","Three"};

for k, v in mytable do
    Dialog.Message("Table Item", k .. "=" .. v);
end -- for

Needs to be changed to:

mytable = {"One","Two","Three"};

for k, v in pairs (mytable) do
    Dialog.Message("Table Item", k .. "=" .. v);
end -- for

The functions table.foreach and table.foreachi are also deprecated. You can use a for loop as above with pairs or ipairs instead. While these two are deprecated, they still work (unlike the example above), however you are advised to also rework these types of loops in case they are removed from future versions.

If you commonly use Lua functions (non-Setup Factory actions) in your scripts, you may also want to review the list of other changes to the language in case other changes affect you. You can find this information in the Lua 5.1 Reference Manual found on

Plugin Changes

As of Setup Factory 9, only action plugins created with version 2 of the Plugin SDK (or higher) are compatible. When a version 7 or 8 project is opened in version 9, the project is analyzed to determine if it contains any plugin actions. A list of these can be viewed in the analysis report that is automatically generated under the heading "Legacy Plugins."

In order for your project to work you will need to obtain updated versions of the plugins listed. Once you have the updated version of these plugins, simply install them into the correct plugin directory and your project should work properly. If you have already installed versions of the listed plugins that were created using version 2 of the Indigo Rose Plugin SDK then no further action is necessary.

Supported Operating System Changes

With the diminishing user base of older operating systems, and benefits of using the latest development tools and compilers on the market, Setup Factory's operating system requirements have changed for version 9. The minimum supported operating system for both design and runtime is now Windows XP SP2. Unsupported operating systems will receive the standard "not a valid Win32 application" error message.

Compression Changes

The previous "Setup Factory 7.0" compression option has been replaced by a new LZMA2 compression option. Both LZMA compression options outperform previous compression in all aspects.