Built-in variables are automatically provided for you by AutoPlay Media Studio. They are used to represent common values that might differ between systems, like the location of the user's temp folder (_TempFolder) or the path to the user's Program Files folder (_ProgramFilesFolder).

There are two types of built-in variables:

Tip: Often variables are used as part of a full path where you need to join two strings together. For example, you may need a path consisting of the user's Program Files folder and a program folder such as "ApplicationX." To do this, you would use the string concatenation operator which consists of two dots (..). The script looks like this:

_ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\ApplicationX"

You can also use the String.Concat action to concatenate two strings.

Note: There are also a series of actions available that can be used to gather information about the user's system that may not be part of the built-in variables list. For example, additional common folder paths can be read using the Shell.GetFolder action. There is also a System category of actions for other system information.

For more information on variables, see Variables in the Scripting Guide.