string ComboBox.GetItemText ( 

string ObjectName,

number Index )

Example 1

-- Add two new items to the "ComboBox1" combobox object.
ComboBox.AddItem("ComboBox1", "Item One", "C:\\One.txt");
ComboBox.AddItem("ComboBox1", "Item Two", "C:\\Two.txt");

-- Get the item text of the second item in the combobox object.
item_text = ComboBox.GetItemText("ComboBox1", 2);

-- If the item is valid display a dialog message. Otherwise display a notification.
if (item_text ~= "") then
   Dialog.Message("Item Text", "The item text is '"..item_text.."'.", MB_OK, MB_ICONINFORMATION, MB_DEFBUTTON1);
   Dialog.Message("Item Text", "The item does not contain any item text.", MB_OK, MB_ICONINFORMATION, MB_DEFBUTTON1);

Adds two items to the combobox object "ComboBox1", retrieves the text from the second item, and displays it to the user.

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