What is AutoPlay?

AutoPlay Media Studio is the state of the art in CD-autoplay multimedia tools. With its intuitive workflow and drag-and-drop objects, even absolute beginners can quickly achieve impressive results. But despite its world-renown ease of use, AutoPlay Media Studio is a serious development tool. In fact, it's used by thousands of people to create everything from AutoRun/AutoPlay menus and CD business cards, to fully interactive training applications. With AutoPlay, your imagination is your only limit!

What Can I Create With AutoPlay Media Studio?

Quite simply, AutoPlay Media Studio helps you make professional multimedia software. While the product excels at certain tasks like making front-end browsers for CD-ROMs (i.e. AutoRun/AutoPlay menus), that's just the beginning.

Integrating diverse media types such as images, sounds, videos, text, and flash into a single cohesive presentation is what AutoPlay Media Studio does best. In fact, it's been trusted to deliver rock-solid multimedia experiences to millions of people around the world.

Intuitive, Drag and Drop Design

AutoPlay Media Studio has always been known for it's easy-to-use visual design environment. Simply drop high-level, interactive objects (images, video, text etc.) onto pages or dialogs to create instant functionality. Move them into position using your mouse or with the aid of an extensive assortment of alignment tools, guidelines and grids. Once you've got your interface down, it's a snap to attach powerful actions to various events such as mouse clicks and key presses. Whether itís opening a PDF file, playing a video or showing a web site, the Action wizard makes it easy to choose from the over 865 built-in functions.