With AutoPlay Media Studio, your only limitation is your imagination. AutoPlay Media Studio gives you the freedom to easily assemble amazing interactive presentations and full-blown multimedia applications.

To help spark your creativity, we've put together a few ideas for you. There are tons of other ones too! In fact, thousands of developers use AutoPlay Media Studio every day to put together show-stopping AutoPlay/AutoRun CD's and stand-alone multimedia applications.

CD-ROM AutoPlay/AutoRun Menus

It's what we're best known for! AutoPlay Media Studio is the de facto industry standard for professional CD AutoPlay/AutoRun menu applications. In fact, it's been used by thousands of developers to ship millions of CD's to impressed customers and clients. Give your users the option to install software, view documentation, browse the disc, jump to web sites, send email and so much more.

Multimedia Business Cards

Burn your AutoPlay application onto business card size CD-ROM's. The cool look will have customers and clients clamoring to see the contents.

Custom Web Browsers

Putting together a custom web browser is a snap with AutoPlay Media Studio. You'll be able to control every aspect of the browser an extremely valuable proposition for corporate IT departments. Restrict users to specific sites. Block objectionable material. Wrap it all up with your own logos, graphics and help files.


Tell the world about your product or service in style! Your interactive brochures can feature full-screen video, CD quality audio and anything else you want to add.

Training Guides

Nothing else engages your audience and gets your point across like computer based interactive training. It's ideal for presenting technical details and makes learning both easy and fun.

Custom Audio Players

Fill up a CD with your Ogg Vorbis music files. Put a custom interface on the disc and you're off to the races - complete with custom play lists, track navigation and your own totally hip interface.

Software Samplers

Offer potential customers demo or trial versions of your software products. Bring all of your product information together into one convenient format. You can provide options to install the software demos, view Adobe Flash tutorials, print Adobe PDF documentation and include an embedded web browser for connecting to your online store.


Assemble your digital photos and slides into an easy to navigate application. You'll have a product that is easy to distribute and much more interactive than PowerPoint.

New Product/Service Announcements

Make sure your new product or service gets the recognition it deserves. Combine Acrobat PDF format press releases and brochures with interactive content, PowerPoint slides and Adobe Flash movies for a polished look.

Offline Web Sites

Often times, broadband Internet access may not be available or convenient for sales reps and prospects. Don't let all that valuable information sit idle! With AutoPlay Media Studio, you can store your whole web site on a CD-ROM. You'll be able to create custom web browsers and integrate a variety of rich media types into your application with impressive results.

Sales Presentations

Don't give them a boring a sales presentation! Make it come alive by integrating your product information, demos and multimedia components like video and voice narration. Pull it together with technical documents in PDF or HTML formats and live web links.

Electronic Books

Put your content into an electronic format and use AutoPlay Media Studio to make it friendly and appealing. Organize and present your Adobe Acrobat PDF documents or any other format you like.


Don't waste money on bulky and expensive paper catalogs! Engage your customers with a live and interactive electronic catalog.


Generate enthusiasm and funds for your club, charity or association. You'll be able to show your best side and motivate people to your cause by combining various media types such as sound, video and animation.

Direct Mail Piece

Deliver compelling messages that help increase your response rates. Throw in web site links to drive traffic to your site.


What's more convincing than unsolicited testimonials? Give your customers and clients the chance to tell the world about you. Show off your satisfied customers to your prospects and watch your credibility soar.

Trade Show Handouts

Prospects will remember your handout if they're made with AutoPlay Media Studio. Deliver powerful promotional messages and valuable information in a memorable fashion.


Today, you need every advantage you can muster. Show off your computer and design skills with a virtual resume. It's a great way to put your best foot forward.

Annual Reports

Paper reports are boring and expensive. Put them into an interactive electronic format and communicate your financial results more efficiently.

Grand Openings

Advertise your business to the community. Get the word out about your company to other people and businesses with special offers and something to remember you by.


Reinforce your advertising message with a memorable AutoPlay CD. Elaborate on the specific benefits of your products or services.

Real Estate Brochure

Highlight the benefits of your property listings. With AutoPlay Media Studio, you can bring together virtual walkthroughs, interior and exterior photographs, special features and much more.

Corporate Profiles

Make your company shine with a multimedia corporate profile CD. Highlight important details about your company and valuable staff members.

Product Branding

Promote your brand and increase awareness. Distinguish yourself from the competition with a snazzy AutoPlay Media Studio presentation.

Financial Statements

Make your numbers come alive with AutoPlay Media Studio. Give them more insight into the details behind the numbers for an engaging presentation. Easily integrate PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets for the full picture.

Press Releases

With thousands of press releases put out every day, how are you going to get noticed? With an impressive AutoPlay Media Studio press release! Stand out and don't get lost in the crowd.

Special Events

Give your attendees something to keep the event fresh in their minds. Handouts created with AutoPlay Media Studio command attention!

Travel Brochures

Highlight exotic destinations, hotels and resorts with high-res photos and video. This visual and interactive travelogue is perfect for exciting your clients.

Corporate Messages

Foster a positive relationship with customers by communicating important messages with AutoPlay Media Studio. Letters from the President or calls to action by the CEO can be delivered with authority.

Photo Albums

Assemble your photos and multimedia content into an attractive digital album. Showing off your works of art is easy and fun.


Store all of your accomplishments in one digital binder. Keep all of your personal history in a compact and easily updateable format, such as resumes, curriculum vitae, essays, articles, photos, honors, presentations, etc.

Corporate Event Invitations

Impress clients and customers with a unique invitation to your special event. Include maps to the event, photos of staff and links to web information and event details.

Interactive Presentations

Hammer home your point with a truly engaging, interactive presentation. Highlight important details and let your prospects explore at their own pace. Presentations built with AutoPlay Media Studio are always more interesting and effective!

Membership Cards

Give them something they won't want to lose! Turn business card size CD's into distinctive membership pieces that offer virtual tours of member services and facilities.

Music Groups

Showcase your band with music samples, photos and upcoming concert dates.

Concert and Event Tickets

Create truly unique concert or event tickets that work as hip promotional material. After the event, the electronic ticket serves to remind attendees of the event with additional information and multimedia content.


Store video and audio records of the couple's big day in an impressive AutoPlay Media Studio application. Makes a great keepsake for the couple as well as guests.

Wedding Invitations

Get inspired! Putting together wedding invitations with AutoPlay Media Studio couldn't be easier. Complete them with music, photos of the couple or even video footage.

Digital Magazines

Publish your newsletters, magazines and articles using the lush graphic capabilities of AutoPlay Media Studio. With embedded web pages, flash animations and links to updated site content, you'll have a dynamic publication that people will love.

Hybrid Music/Application CD's

Create enhanced audio CD's with AutoPlay Media Studio. Dual format discs give your fans more entertainment value and serve as excellent promotional tools.

Theatre Groups

Draw attention to your production or season. Integrate video, Flash animations, show dates, venue maps, web links and cast photos.

Employee Policies

Organize your employee manual in a dynamic fashion. Paper manuals become outdated as soon as you print them. Put all of your current policies into an AutoPlay Media Studio application so they're easy to search, view and update as necessary.