How do I...?

How do I:

Add a hyperlink/hotspot object

Add an email link with subject

Add password protection

Adjust volume levels

Apply changes to multiple objects

Ask the user for confirmation before exiting

Auto-save my project

Change the application icon

Change the page size

Change the title bar text

Check for Internet Explorer

Check for Adobe Flash

Check if a particular program is running

Close my application immediately

Compare two strings

Control volume settings at runtime

Copy a file to the hard drive

Create a button that closes the application

Create a custom callback function

Create a file browser

Create a mixed-mode CD

Create a multilingual application

Create a non-rectangular window

Create a single-file executable

Create a table of contents

Create an image map

Create CD-ROM browsing windows

Detect if internet access is available

Detect the end of a flash movie

Detect what operating system (OS) is being used

Detect what version of Internet Explorer is installed

Determine amount of free space on a drive

Determine if a network (LAN) is present

Determine the drive letter of the primary hard drive

Determine the operating system (OS) language

Determine when a video has finished playing

Display a Save As dialog

Display text and/or images with mouseover events

Duplicate Objects

Embed a web browser window

Expire my application after a certain date

Expire my application after a certain number of executions

Expire my application after thirty days

Get system folder paths

Get the registered user of the computer

Hide an object

Hide the application at runtime

Hide the title bar

Inherit page properties

Interact with embedded Flash objects

Interact with embedded web objects

Keep my application always on top

Load and display a text file

Lock objects

Maintain aspect ratios of objects

Make a basic quiz/testing application

Make a document browser

Make a dropdown menu

Make a slideshow

Make a slideshow with audio

Make a thumbnail image browser

Make an image browser

Make an image semi-transparent

Open a Microsoft Word DOC file

Open a Microsoft PowerPoint PPT file

Open a web site in an external browser

Open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file

Open an HTML file in a pop-up window

Pause the background music

Persist data across sessions

Pin objects

Play an Adobe Flash movie

Play a video before my application starts

Play a video using full screen mode

Play a video using the embedded video object

Play an AVI video file

Play background music

Play multiple audio files in sequence

Play multiple video files in sequence

Print a file

Read specific lines from a text file

Reboot the system

Reload image objects at runtime

Remember runtime preferences

Remove unused files from my project

Repeat things at specific intervals

Respond to Key Presses

Restore an object's original size

Round a number down

Round a number up

Round a number up or down

Run a program and wait for it to finish

Run Adobe Acrobat reader directly from the CD-ROM

Run an application after reboot

Run an executable file

Run in full-screen (kiosk) mode

Run my application only once

Send email with subject, body and attachment

Set file attributes for more than one file

Set page transition effects

Show a splash image

Span content across multiple CD-ROM's

Size my application to particular screen dimensions

Submit information to a web site script

Toggle the background music on/off

Use an FSCommand in Swish to Trigger an Action

Use the status dialog window

Use timer events

Work with tables and files

Write text to a file