Indigo Rose Introduces New AirBop Push Messaging Server Platform for Android App Developers

New online service provides Android app developers an easy, cost-effective and timely platform for adding push notifications to their apps

(WINNIPEG, MB) – Android app developers wanting to add push notifications to their apps have so far faced a daunting learning curve and significant expense. With the introduction today of, Android app developers can add push notifications to their apps while reducing both development costs and time-to-market, as well as investment in infrastructure.

AirBop is the first commercially available PaaS (platform as a service) application server for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) that provides a full bare-metal GCM implementation. With AirBop, Android app developers have 100% control over their push notification integration. They also benefit from a fully managed server stack complete with online messaging tools and device targeting features.

“With AirBop, app developers have the freedom to incorporate any client side approach that they need. Whether they need to push ‘tickle notifications’ or broadcast a full 4k marketing payload, AirBop can handle it for hundreds of millions of devices,” says AirBop president Colin Adams. “We manage the user/device registrations and provide the tools needed to push messages down to them – then we get out of the programmer’s way.”

AirBop is built on a high-performance server stack that was designed for reliability and scalability. It can adjust instantly for load, has continuous data protection, and can scale to handle billions of Android devices. Multiple external monitoring services help ensure quality of service.

All AirBop plans include unlimited push messages, while pricing ranges from $0.002 to $0.01 per managed user/device depending on features. Professional features include message scheduling as well as language, country and state targeting. Advanced features like a REST messaging API and street address radius geo-targeting are also available.

Android app developers can learn more at where they can also sign up for a free account that includes 1,000 managed devices to help them get started without cost or risk.

About AirBop Push Messaging Service for Android

AirBop is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose has been creating software development tools since 1991. Our programming tools – including Andromo App Maker for Android, AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, and Visual Patch – have been used to reach hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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Create Android Apps in Five Minutes With Free Andromo App Maker


(WINNIPEG – September 1, 2011) – Indigo Rose Software announces the immediate availability of Andromo App Maker for Android at Andromo is a free web application that makes Android app development quick and easy enough for anyone wanting to make an app.

Andromo uses a simple point-and-click process in order to create professional Android apps in as little as five minutes. Users are walked through the steps needed to customize their app’s appearance and specify features and functions. Andromo then builds a customized app that’s ready to be uploaded to the Android Market and promoted to tens of millions of customers.

The market for apps that run on Android smartphones and tablets is growing significantly, with over 500,000 Android devices being activated each day, according to Google. Current market research from Nielsen shows that Android now holds the largest portion of the U.S. consumer smartphone market at 39 percent, surpassing Apple’s iOS, which sits at 28 percent.

“Everyone wants to get a piece of the booming Android app market. Not only are apps a great promotional tool, we’ve all heard stories of the million-dollar app idea,” says Indigo Rose Software President Colin Adams. “Now you don’t have to be a programmer or hire one to make your app. Just plug in your content, and Andromo does the complicated work behind the scenes.”

Andromo’s online app making process, while quick and easy to use, provides professional results. Developers have full control over the appearance of their apps, from background textures and colors, to graphics, menus, text and icons. Apps made with Andromo can integrate a variety of popular features in unlimited combinations. Users simply plug in their content, like websites, HTML/CSS pages, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, eBay, Blogger, iTunes, MySpace, LinkedIn and other RSS and Atom feeds.

A customized app can be an effective communication and advertising tool for companies, organizations and individuals. Apps can benefit a range of businesses and groups including hotels, musicians and bands, charities, photographers, sports teams, schools, clubs and entrepreneurs. Andromo makes it possible for everyone to have their own app.

Andromo App Maker for Android is available now at

About Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation
Privately held, Indigo Rose Software has been creating innovative software development tools since 1991. Indigo Rose is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, and can be found on the web at