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Thread: Call URL before and after install

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    Call URL before and after install

    We are having some problems where users seem to register and download our software but never then login.

    Is there any way I can call a URL when the installer starts and a different one when the installation ends? We would use this to estimate installs started and not finished to locate potential issues.


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    After you made sure that the computer has network connectivity, you could use HTTP.Submit() to send a ping to a form, using the same form in both events (e.g. On Startup and On Post Install), but sending a different value for a certain parameter to signal the start and the end of the installation.

    -- On Startup
    HTTP.Submit("http://www.domain.com/form.php", {event="started"}, SUBMITWEB_POST);
    -- On Post Install
    HTTP.Submit("http://www.domain.com/form.php", {event="finished"}, SUBMITWEB_POST);
    It would be your task to write a form to intercept and log/store the information received on the server, which could be done with a log/text file, database, etc.


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