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    mediaplayer plugin and dinamic background settings

    Is there any workaround for this plugin made by indigorose to get or "select", while is it playing music or voice audio on radio for example, a background than the default from mediaplayer.

    Im referring to that option for customizing player background, this is doable with right click mouse, click in visualizations --> click on one of the many dinamic backgroudn style that player provides.

    In the help plugin only I gt this functions:

    MediaPlayer.GetCurrentPos (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.GetLength (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.GetState (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.GetVolume (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.Pause (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.Play (string ObjectName);
    MediaPlayer.Seek (string ObjectName, number SeekType, number SeekTime = 0);
    MediaPlayer.SetFullScreen (string ObjectName, boolean Fullscreen);
    MediaPlayer.SetVolume (string ObjectName, number Volume);

    But none of them is related to this idea, I assume it's not possible...but is here any trick to do what im trying to do?


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    no one know to asnwer this?

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