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    Looking for someone to setup and run true update for me

    Hello we have made a small program using autoplay media studio and setup factory. It consists of a few videos, some pdf files, excel files etc. I would like to know if true update can be used to update our clients progrm when we add new files or change files? If so I will purchase the program. I would then like to hire someone to set it up and show us how to use it. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you in advance, Jim

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    this can certainly be done. I have constructed a few setups that work exactly this way - Setup Factory is used to deploy a product developed with AutoPlay Media Studio, and TrueUpdate is used to download and install new versions when they become available. If you don't want to post your questions and project file(s) publicly, you can also contact me for consulting - please see my signature.


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