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Thread: WoW Launcher PLUS - an improved Launcher for WoW

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    WoW Launcher PLUS - an improved Launcher for WoW

    Hi! I have just finished v0.3 of WoWL+ and wanted to show it to you.
    Maybe someone of you or someone you know plays WoW and likes it.

    WoW Launcher PLUS (WoWL+) is the successor of "WoW Manager". Its purpose is to replace the default WoW Launcher and give you some additional features.

    Now supports 32- and 64-Bit Live- and PTR-Clients!

    Current features:
    - View the latest News from the original Launcher or use a custom Homepage
    - Open your Guildpage with a single click
    - Create backups of important WoW related files
    - Launch your favorite Voice Chat Application with a single click
    - Check the Status of your favorite WoW Realms from five regions
    - Delete cache files on startup (useful for addons which track rare mobs via cachefiles)
    - Launch WoW immediately after launching WoWL+
    Additional "Tools" in the Menu on top:
    - Visit popular WoW Websites (more to come!)
    - Launch the original Launcher and the Repair Tool

    Just download the .zip file and extract it into a new folder. To launch WoWL+ doubleclick on WoWL+.exe or create a new shortcut for it.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: WoWL+ does not change any WoW Files. It is a separate application.

    Updating from a previous version:
    Just unzip the new file in the same folder and overwrite all files. All settings (stored in "Settings.ini") should be preserved.

    Known Issues:
    - none

    You can download it on WoWInterface.com (tested by virustotal.com with 43 Virus scanners and the admins of WoWInterface).
    -> http://get-wowl.bl4cksh33p.de

    More details and the latest news can be found on the official website:
    -> http://wowl.bl4cksh33p.de
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    I created a small Trailer showing what's new in v0.3:

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    nice job! keep on updating it) looks awesome!

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