TrueUpdate 3.5 Brings Automated Software Updating to Microsoft Windows 7 Applications

Software Development Tool Simplifies Adding a "Check for Update" Feature to Software Products

WINNIPEG, MB - Indigo Rose Software today announced the availability of TrueUpdate 3.5 with full support for Microsoft Windows 7. TrueUpdate is a software development tool that allows programmers to easily integrate an automated "check for update" feature into their software applications. Using TrueUpdate, software developers can now quickly ensure that all of their customers and clients receive the latest point release of a software product, no matter what version of Microsoft Windows they are using.

TrueUpdate enabled software works by contacting an update server, and automatically determining if it is out-of-date according to a developer specified rules. Once it has been determined that an update is required, the TrueUpdate client software automatically downloads and applies the update using standard Internet or LAN protocols. Unlike competing products that lock developers into a hosted service or require proprietary hardware/software systems, TrueUpdate features a compact client executable that interfaces with any standard web server (Windows, Linux, etc.). Additionally, it does not use the .NET framework or require installation of any 3rd party dependencies.

"Making certain that every client system is running the most recent software release can be a daunting task, especially when balancing rapid product cycles, security vulnerabilities and short turnaround times," said Colin Adams, President of Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation. "With TrueUpdate 3.5, we've taken the guesswork out of the equation and made it easier than ever for development teams to eliminate legacy technical support issues, reduce user frustration and ensure the latest software features have been deployed. It's all about improving customer and client satisfaction."

By easily integrating into software applications, TrueUpdate offers nearly unlimited flexibility and customization options. It works with any software installation tool or binary patch builder, including Indigo Rose's Setup Factory and Visual Patch products. The TrueUpdate client executable is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 straight through to Microsoft Windows 7.

"Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we're committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences," said Ross Brown, Vice President of ISV and Solutions Partners for the Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft. "Adding compatibility for the latest Microsoft operating systems helps ISVs to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers access to cutting-edge technologies."

Features include automatic firewall and proxy server negotiation, silent updating, a multilingual user interface, a compact and standalone client application, customizable dialogs and much more. An easy-to-use Project Wizard walks software developers through the system by helping to identify file versions, configure patch download locations and then uploading the update information to the server.

The software also incorporates an easy-to-use scripting language featuring everything from loops and conditional branching to functions, variables and associative arrays. Programmers can also take advantage of hundreds of high-level functions for making registry changes, executing programs, starting and stopping services, reading ZIP files, parsing XML data and interacting with Web scripts and other advanced tasks.

TrueUpdate 3.5 sells for $395 (US$) per developer or $995 for the Five Developer Team Pack. It can be purchased through all major software development tools resellers, or directly from Indigo Rose Software at A free 30-day trial download is also available from the company's website.

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Indigo Rose provides software developers with tools to manage the complete software deployment life cycle. From multimedia software development and CD/DVD autorun menu systems with AutoPlay Media Studio and Autorun MAX, to automated software installation, updating and patching solutions with MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch, Indigo Rose offers an array of integrated solutions. Privately held, Indigo Rose has been developing innovative software development tools since 1991 that are used by over 20,000 corporate, government and ISV software developers around the world. Indigo Rose is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, and may be found on the Internet at


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