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Thread: Log File not created

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    Log File not created

    I'm using Visual Patch 2.0 and I tried add custom message into log file, looks log file not even created.
    In project settings Create Log file is checked and Extended Errors has been selected for include action details. And I set the log file name as

    %AppFolder%\%ProductName% Patch Log.txt

    I used the following command to add log

    VisualPatch.WriteToLogFile("add my custome message in log file",true);

    Any one can help?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is that action occurring before %AppFolder% is determined in the script?

    (It needs to happen after %AppFolder% holds a valid path or it won't work, obviously. You might want to use a different path, e.g. in %TempFolder% or something.)

    From the help topic for the advanced project settings:

    "Note: You should always create your log files in a pre-existing, standard system directory such as %TempFolder% or %WindowsFolder%."
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]

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    VisualPatch.CheckFolderVersion NOT returning value

    Thanks Lorne.
    Also I have one more issue. The visual patch exe is working fine for English language. The patch is not working for Portuguese.

    looks the following statment doesn't get the InstalledVersion. The g_InstalledVersion value is nil which I set earlier.

    g_InstalledVersion = VisualPatch.CheckFolderVersion("%AppFolder%", FolderPath);

    I have alrady the set the value for "%AppFolder% before calling VisualPatch.CheckFolderVersion

    But the same script is working fine for English language.

    Could you help me to resolve the issue?


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