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Thread: Spanish Language File

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    Spanish Language File

    I recently created a patch and added the French and Spanish Languages to it. The Language window showed that the French file was installed but that the Spanish one was the same as the Default which was English. Is there a way to download a Spanish Language file?


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    Indigo Rose Software
    Sorry, we don't have any Spanish language file available.

    If any volunteers would like to translate the English messages into Spanish for us, they are welcome to contact us for details.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]

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    Thumbs up thanks for the traduction Spanish, French ...

    Thanks, for the future traductions (patch)
    Splendid !

    Sorry , i'm not speak English
    merci , pour les futures traductions(patch)

    Désolé, je ne parle pas l'Anglais

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    Leon, Mexico.

    Smile Count my In with others... (spanish)

    I will do my best with spanish Ver.

    Trust me it will not sound Funny or something.

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