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Thread: Time between successive patches

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    Time between successive patches


    When two silent patches are started via *.cmd-script shortly one after another, our application goes awry. (it's not the case when the patches are started manually, even via commandline)

    My question: Are there any processes working after the main task (the one shown in the taskmanager) ends? And if so, what is it, and how long does it approximately should take?


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    Like many self-extracting installers and patches, Visual Patch uses a launcher stub to extract data from the embedded archive. By default that launcher returns right away, however you can use the /W command line option to make it wait until the patch is finished before returning.

    In order to perform a series of patches in sequence, just pass /W to each patch executable and each launcher will wait until the patch exits before exiting.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]

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    regards Gerald

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    Thanks! It solved my old problem too. I was working on a website for lamp and had a problem related to the one the topic starter described.

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