Friday, May 30, 2005

Style Workshop Enhances AutoPlay Media Studio Projects

WINNIPEG, MB (May 30, 2005) - Indigo Rose Software announces the immediate availability of Style Workshop on DVD-ROM. Featuring 129,000 professional image elements, the Style Workshop DVD-ROM includes backgrounds, bullets, bars, icons, photographs, panels and button shapes. It's perfect for jazzing up AutoPlay Media Studio projects, adding interest to PowerPoint presentations and sprucing up marketing material.

Style Workshop makes it possible to create innovative, professional-quality presentations and multimedia projects without requiring a background in graphic design. All components are color coordinated and styled according to harmonizing themes so that they seamlessly "mix and match." The unique alpha shadowing effects on bullets, buttons, bars, panels and icons add distinction and a polished finish to your project. Additionally, Style Workshop's helpful media browser allows you to quickly navigate through the thousands of elements, all of which are grouped according to type, color and theme. Once you've found the images you want, you can save them to a central folder with only one click of your mouse.

Style Workshop's components are provided in a variety of sizes, colors and formats and are compatible with any design application or multimedia authoring tool that supports PNG and JPG images. That includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Indigo Rose's AutoPlay Media Studio, Adobe After Effects, Quark's QuarkXPpress, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop. Complete video tutorials offering step-by-step instructions for using Style Workshop with specific design software programs are available online at

Pricing and Availability
The entire five-volume Style Workshop collection is available on one DVD-ROM for $149 (US). Online ordering is available from the Style Workshop web site at

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