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02-20-2002, 04:28 AM

I have AMS 3.0 and am trying to play 10 MP3 files (one after the other) from one click on an image. The problem is that only the first one is played.

Does anyone have any ideas?


02-20-2002, 05:32 AM
I have been searching through the forum (as you do once youve posted) and it would appear I need to clarify the problem a bit more.

What I want is a single page menu, with one image on it, which when I click on the image plays 1.mp3, then 2.mp3, then 3.mp3 and so on until 10.mp3.

What I have done is to put in the images "Actions", "Mouse Click" option, put a "Play MP3" in reverse order. So, I have 10.mp3 file is the first entry and 1.mp3 is the last.

What happens is that the first mp3 (number 1) is played, then not a thing - ie. what should happen is once 1 is finished 2.mp3 should start - this is logical?

Please please please help this newbie.


02-20-2002, 08:54 AM

The problem is that each of the MP3 actions is getting fired at the same time. So 10.mp3 starts, then 9.mp3 starts (overriding 10.mp3) and so on until 1.mp3 starts playing.

What you consider doing is making the 10 MP3's into one large MP3, or converting them to WAV files and checking the "Play Synchronous" checkbox.


02-20-2002, 08:57 AM
Hi Mark, and thanks for the response.

The option of converting them in to WAV is not possible - due to the size of the conversion.

The option of making them in to one mp3 is interesting - do you know of any tools to combine mp3s?

Are you saying that what I propose - ie. playing 10 seperate mp3s one after the other - is not possible using AWS?


02-21-2002, 09:40 AM

I found a freeware utility which allows me to combine my mp3s in to one file and, of course, it now works.

However, I would like clarification of my previous question - does or does AMS 3.0 not allow the consecutive playing of mp3's? If not, will version4 provide this?


02-21-2002, 09:49 AM
I'm not sure about version 3 -- you could possibly kludge a workaround by also playing a silent, invisible avi file of the same duration to use the "avi finished" event (or whatever it's called) as a trigger each time you start an mp3.

But yeah, something along those lines is in the specs for version 4. http://www.indigorose.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

08-14-2002, 10:34 PM
I want to know if this feature is available now? coz I want this exact like what jeriko described, one click then one whole list mp3 played one by one, WITHOUT starting any other player like "winamp, mediaplayer, realplayer" etc.......


08-15-2002, 02:43 AM
Check out the Global Lists feature of AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0. That's what you're looking for.