View Full Version : Creating "Layout" Tables?

02-10-2004, 08:21 AM
Hi everone.
I'm new to AMS 5.
Is there a way to create a layout table, like in Word or PageMaker, in AMS 5?

For example, I have a product image and I'd like to have a "table" or something similar, beside the image, which would list a handful of "Part #'s", "Descriptions", "Applications", etc.

I looked at the Paragraph object, but there's no way to change a word or "label" in the paragraph text to a different font/size/color... For example, I'd like to have the label "Item Number" to stand out...

Any ideas?


02-10-2004, 08:47 AM
Hi Ron. You would have to use HTML to use tables, in AMS tables are something different, they are arrays for storing and handling values. Label objects make great titles. :)

Corey Milner
Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software (http://www.indigorose.com)