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10-21-2002, 03:21 PM
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>HOWTO: Create an Empty Folder</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><h3>HOWTO: Create an Empty Folder</h3><b>Document ID: IR02031</b><hr>The information in this article applies to:<ul><li>Setup Factory 6.0</li></ul><hr><h3>SUMMARY</h3><p>This article explains how to create an empty folder using Setup Factory 6.0.</p><h3>DISCUSSION</h3><p>When adding multiple files to Setup Factory 6.0, empty folders will not be added. A folder must meet the following conditions in order to be added to Setup Factory 6.0:</p><ul><li>It contains one or more files.</li><li>It contains one or more sub-folders that contain one or more files.</li></ul><p><b>Note: </b>A directory structure that contains only folders and no files will not be added to Setup Factory 6.0.</p><p>If you would like to create an empty folder you must use the <b>Create Directory</b> action.</p><p>If you create a folder using the <b>Create Directory</b> action it will <b>not</b> be automatically removed by the uninstallation process. Since you created the folder with an action you will have to remove the folder with an action. To remove the folder during the uninstall use a <b>Remove Directory</b> action on either the "Before Uninstalling" or "After Uninstalling" event.</p><h3>MORE INFORMATION</h3><p>For more information please see the following topics in the Setup Factory 6.0 Help:</p><li><b>Command Reference | Actions | Individual Actions | Create Directory</b></li><li><b>Command Reference | Actions | Individual Actions | Remove Directory</b></li>
<br><li><b>Command Reference | Design Environment | Dialogs | Uninstall | Uninstall dialog</b></li><li><b>Command Reference | Design Environment | Dialogs | Uninstall | How the Uninstall Works</b></li><p>KEYWORDS: Setup Factory 6.0, Folder, Create Folder, Adding Files</p><hr><FONT SIZE=1>Last reviewed: February 20, 2003
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