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09-23-2002, 03:31 PM
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>HOWTO: Prevent Setup Factory from Rebooting the System</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><h3>HOWTO: Prevent Setup Factory from Rebooting the System</h3><b>Document ID: IR02005</b><hr>The information in this article applies to:<ul><li>Setup Factory 6.0</li></ul><hr><h3>SUMMARY</h3><p>This article explains how to stop Setup Factory from rebooting your user's system.</p><h3>DISCUSSION</h3><p><b>Note:</b> Only stop Setup Factory from performing a reboot if you know exactly what you are doing, or if you are sure the reboot is not needed.<br><br>Setup Factory 6.0 will only need to reboot the user's system if one of the files being overwritten is currently in use on the user's system, and is in use during the installation process. If that is the case Setup Factory will reboot the user's system and replace the file when the computer starts up.<br><br>Whether or not a reboot actually occurs after an installation is controlled by the value of the built-in variable %DoReboot%. If %DoReboot% contains a value of <b>TRUE</b> at the end of the installation, the installer will reboot the user's system. If %DoReboot% has a value of <b>FALSE</b>, the installer will not reboot the user's system at the completion of the installation.<br><br>So if Setup Factory tries to overwrite a file that is in use during the installation, %DoReboot% will be assigned a value of <b>TRUE</b>. The fact that Setup Factory tries to overwrite the file <i>causes</i> a reboot to be needed, but the reboot <i>actually</i> occurs because %DoReboot% equals <b>TRUE</b>.<br><br>If you need to prevent Setup Factory from rebooting your user's system use an <b>Assign Value</b> action to set %DoReboot% to <b>FALSE</b> on the Shutdown event, for example:<br><br><PRE><code><b>Variable name:</b> %DoReboot%<br><b>Value:</b> FALSE</code></PRE> </p><h3>MORE INFORMATION</h3><p>For more information see the following topics in the Help file:<br><br><li><b>Command Reference | Actions | Individual Actions | Assign Value</b></li><li><b>Command Reference | Design Environment | Dialogs | Actions | Actions tabs | Shutdown tab</b></li></p><p>KEYWORDS: reboot, always, stop, %DoReboot%, DoReboot, Shutdown tab </p><hr><FONT SIZE=1>Last reviewed: October 8, 2002<br>Copyright 2002 <A HREF="http://www.indigorose.com" target="blank">Indigo Rose Corporation</a>. All rights reserved.<br></FONT></BODY></HTML>