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10-10-2000, 02:36 AM
hi all

i put a wav sound file at startup of autoplay menu. no problem... thing is after someone goes to another page (any page) from the initial "welcome page" when they navigate back to it the startup sound plays again. i don't want that to happen. in other words i only want the sound to play ONCE (the 1st time the menu is activated/launched) can this be done....

thanks ....

ps: where are those "advanced" tutorials then ???

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10-10-2000, 03:54 PM
You could try querying the registry for a specific key, and if the key exist do not play the sound. Then after the first time you play the sound you will create the registry key. That way every other time the user goes back to the page the sound will not play. That should accomplish what you want, but you should remember to remove the key from the registry on Project Close. You could also try playing the WAV on Project Open.


10-10-2000, 08:17 PM

your sound suggestion sounds possible....
but i just went back to double check with v2.x and it was as i predicted. that version had a "play once" tick box. how can a feature that is useful be removed ??? where is it ??
why use advanced registry settings when this WAS available in previous versions ????????
also another version was removed (or hidden) which is the "wait for playback".. where is THAT one ??? this is silly... (or am I the silly one?) how can these be removed ???
can those be put back in a future pack ???

and when is the 1st (FREE) update due anyhow ??

again.... where are those "advanced" tutorials ??? there are none, right... ?!??

thank you....

10-11-2000, 12:12 PM
Actually there is a better way to do what you want then what I posted earlier. What you could do is use variables. So on PROJECT STARTUP set (say) %PlayWav% to TRUE, using the ASSIGN VALUE action.
Then on PAGE OPEN, have a PLAY WAV FILE with a condition that: "%PlayWav% = TRUE". Then after that have an ASSIGN VALUE action that sets %PlayWav% to False.
As far as the Wait For Playback option is concerned, simply Check the PLAY SYNCHRONOUS check box, this is the same as the Wait For Playback option.
Regarding the tutorials have you visited: http://www.indigorose.com/autoplay/support/tutorials.html


10-14-2000, 07:40 AM


i simply don't understand WHY these options were removed ??? can you please explain why perfectly good features are removed in newer versions ???

regarding the "sync" option, i DON'T like the way it works. (i mean i saw it there and tried it anyway, before my post) the thing with that is that WHILST the sound plays the menu is hidden, then when the WAV finishes it loads the front end. again. this did NOT happen in v2.5x

also... i can get what you mean with the other sound settings but am a little lazy (or something) so, can you please send me a blank project with just that - where upon loading a page (the 1st one) it plays a sound once ONLY. (that means that until the project is relaunched from scrach it will NOT play that startup sound file again, even if returning from another page)

thanks mark.

ok then....

10-16-2000, 09:33 AM
Sorry I really can't send you a blank project, but it is really three simple steps:
1) Project Startup: VARIABLE -> ASSIGN VALUE: Set %PlayWav% to TRUE.
2) Page Open, First Action: AUDIO -> PLAY WAV FILE: point it to your WAV file. Add a Boolean condition: %PlayWav% = TRUE.
3) Page Open, Second Action: VARIABLE -> ASSING VALUE: Set %PlayWav% to FALSE.
That's it if you do that you will have a menu where the sound will only place once on the first page. Actually you could make it play once on any page that you like.
As far as why the options were removed, it is because AutoPlay 3.0 handle actions and events in quite a different manner then 2.0 did. For example Sounds in 2.0 were not actions, they were sounds that you assigned to events, Page Open, Page Close. In 3.0 you have a PLAY WAV action, if you wanted you could have 4 PLAY WAV actions assigned to Page Open, as opposed to one Sound allowed for the Page Open event in 2.0. Basically 3.0 is much more flexible then 2.0 was, and with the added flexibility comes a bit more complexity.