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12-30-2007, 10:06 PM
Hello there,
I am a new user and trying to uninstall a prior version of a software. I found this "MSI.InstallProduct " function and can't get this to work.

I need to uninstall a program and remove the directories as well as the desktop shortcut. So I have an uninstaller program which works when I call the program from the Control-Panel, add and remove programs. However I cannot get this to work in Auto-Play Media Studio 7

So here is the code I am using"
-- Calling the MSI Windows Installer, passing the Guid information

MSI.InstallProduct("C:\\Program Files\\graphics\\Dem\\Uninst.exe", "pid:{635C3D63-D901-4119-9AD2-852D10DCB937} /asd");

I also tried to use the uninstaller with this code
MSI.InstallProduct("C:\\Program Files\\graphics\\Dem\\Uninst.exe", "REMOVE=ALL");

Both are doing the same thing, the "MSI Setup engine starts" calls my uninstaller and dies ( blinks ones and stops running ). No error message no screen left over nothing ? Any help would be appricciated.