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  1. HOWTO: Hide the Window Border
  2. INFO: Distributing Fonts with an Application
  3. INFO: AVI Video Recommendations
  4. About this Forum
  5. HOWTO: Open an Internet URL in the Default Web Browser
  6. INFO: Using GIF Images
  7. INFO: Using QuickTime Movies
  8. HOWTO: Get the Position and Size of a Window
  9. HOWTO: Send Email
  10. HOWTO: Open an HTML Help File to a Specific Topic
  11. HOWTO: Change the Desktop Wallpaper
  12. INFO: Tips for Debugging Action Lists in AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0
  13. HOWTO: Create a New Language Module
  14. HOWTO: Prompt the User for Confirmation Before Exiting
  15. INFO: The Difference between the "On Close" and "On Destroy" Events
  16. INFO:The Files that are Built into the DATA Folder
  17. HOWTO: Add Password Protection to Your Application
  18. INFO: Minimum requirements for the Flash Object, Media Player Object, and Web Browser Object
  19. INFO: Moving from the Trial Version to Commercial Version
  20. HOWTO: Make an AutoPlay Application Expire
  21. INFO: Recovering a Project File From a Built Application
  22. INFO: Launching Internet Explorer in Kiosk Mode
  23. HOWTO: Make a Batch File Close Automatically
  24. INFO: The Explore Button on the Distribution Folder Dialog
  25. HOWTO: Display Conditional Text Based Upon a List Box Selection
  26. INFO: Using Non-TrueType Fonts
  27. INFO: Dynamically Resizing an Application at Runtime
  28. HOWTO: Detect Acrobat Version
  29. HOWTO: Make a Media Player Object Go Full Screen
  30. HOWTO: "Hide" Externally Referenced Files
  31. HOWTO: Set up an MP3 Playlist
  32. INFO: Why Files are Renamed in the DATA Folder
  33. HOWTO: Use Transparent Windows
  34. PROBLEM: AutoPlay Application Does Not Start Automatically
  35. PROBLEM: Transparent Images Have Pixels in Transparent Area
  36. HOWTO: Distribute an AutoPlay Application with Setup Factory 6.0
  37. HOWTO: Create a Page Template
  38. INFO: Running Acrobat Reader on a CD-ROM
  39. HOWTO: Create a Project Template
  40. HOWTO: Run the PowerPoint Viewer Directly from a CD-ROM
  41. HOWTO: Build and Burn Your AutoPlay Application
  42. INFO: Difference between the Media Player Object and the AVI Object
  43. HOWTO: Install the Flash Player from a CD-ROM
  44. HOWTO: AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 and Flash Interaction
  45. HOWTO: Use OR in an Expression
  46. HOWTO: Open a Version 3.0 Project in Version 4.0
  47. INFO: Printing the User's Guide and Command Reference
  48. HOW TO: Return a Web Browser Object to the Original URL after a Page Jump
  49. PROBLEM: AMS40 Crashes With Page.HideObject and Dialog.MessageBox
  50. PROBLEM: Invalid State Error with the Media Player Object
  51. AMS40 Online Documentation