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  1. Variables after Build
  2. Question on install location
  3. Delete files/recurse dir -- desktop went blank.
  4. file search and directory variable
  5. how do you make a file only work for so long
  6. delete files/recurse directories
  7. disable "cancel" on "performing actions" and "installing files"
  8. Install multiple programs
  9. Icons in Menu, Startbar and Uninstall
  10. Conditional File Download During Install
  11. Serial Numbers
  12. DLL Usage Count
  13. Microsoft .NET Framework
  14. Screens
  15. Help file on windows toolbar?
  16. Seach for file and stop
  17. How to know which serial number has been entered?
  18. Help with File install ordering before registration
  19. Builtin variable for the quick launch bar
  20. The amazing shrinking setup file - any VB experts out there?
  21. Set working directory
  22. ASP Web Get/Post
  23. Phpnuke verify user name to get file
  24. Screens and labels
  25. Pocket PC Installation
  26. Getting a custom icon onto the desktop after installation...
  27. Create Folder and assign it's permission in Win XP
  28. web deployment
  29. base folder "bug"
  30. Change default runtime source
  31. Install Packages to different locations?
  32. "class not licensed for use"
  33. Microsoft Merge Modules
  34. How do I set up a desktop folder?
  35. AppDir won't "take" when I change it
  36. Uninstaller keeps crashing
  37. Option to Automatically Start the Application after Install
  38. Add BDE Support
  39. Create a evaluation Period
  40. Any way to grab source and destination file locations from a text file?
  41. How to silently skip a missing file in CDROM tab
  42. Asterisk In IF statements?
  43. How about detecting if the .NET framework is installed?
  44. %WINDIR% reports wrong folder on Windows Server 2003
  45. Converting . over to _ in variables
  46. Start Service
  47. Weird Symbols In Edit Box
  48. 2 New Features: Spell Checker & a NOT parameter
  49. Search Feature
  50. replace a character in a string
  51. Re: Norton Antivirus alerts on iun6002.exe
  52. Order of Icons on Start Menu
  53. speedier, less intensive, way to search?
  54. Help Searching Directories
  55. Help on searchind directories in SP6
  56. Mdac and Jet Runtime Modules Requires Reboot
  57. Jet4sp3
  58. equals empty
  59. CD-Rom question
  60. when is next release?
  61. sf6 file format
  62. Setup Factory vs. Installshield Admin Studio
  63. Setup Factory and Autoplay
  64. How to search for and replace variables in certain files?
  65. help me? about '%'
  66. OSLQ.EXE interaction with SF6
  67. MDAC/DCOM necessary for Win 98
  68. how to detect file
  69. any suggestions for how to collect current time at runtime?
  70. The ? char code is not working
  71. Add "Read File Attributes" to "Read File Information"
  72. Packages and "skipping"
  73. Buglet in creating Actions
  74. Checking folder attributes, moving folders or stored variables
  75. A few features that would be nice to have
  76. How to check the user's OS platform and start specific action
  77. Running all files from Cd-rom
  78. Mysterious Registered (yet unregistered) OCX's
  79. Check if setup is started first or second time?
  80. Setup Factory 7 coming soon?
  81. Unattended build
  82. Unattended build
  83. Add INI Value Help
  84. Verify String to See If It's Numerical?
  85. Re: How do I put a shortcut in startup menu
  86. Action screen be able to do larger window sizes
  87. Uninstallers keeps crashing, here's why (fix plz)
  88. Crystal Report 8.5 Modules
  89. How would I find a blank line of text via "Find Text Line"?
  90. NO ONE RESPONDING TO MY POSTS, any reason why?
  91. Shortcut icon
  92. Remove a package at run-time
  93. "bubble information" for exe install file
  94. Automated Build Version Number
  95. Static text screen, then move ahead...
  96. Starting (built) installer more than once
  97. Either make _/- available in variables or put a warning in proggy about using them.
  98. What if they hit cancel during installation?
  99. I want to open a folder when my setup exits
  100. Installer crashing when trying to detect an internet connection.
  101. Network drives
  102. Search for Folders
  103. How run a .bat file??
  104. How to add this....
  105. Wait for program to finish before continuing
  106. old RichEd32 problem?
  107. msvcrt.dll
  108. Selecting Multiple Files to create shortcut causes SF6 to crash.
  109. Configuring a ODBC DSN using InstallODBC.exe for a SQL Server database
  110. Trademark symbol
  111. Silent Installs and Serial Number
  112. Echo values and search folders
  113. Uninstall crashes
  114. Running install in different languages
  115. Overwrite: "Never for XP"
  116. Install documents as archieve
  117. Uninstall -- Automatic "restore" of backup?
  118. Conditional "overwrite" based on variables
  119. Disabling radio button....
  120. Uninstall -- Never remove shared
  121. auto restore of backups on uninstall
  122. LabVIEW
  123. VB and type libraries
  124. Having one unistaller invoke a second
  125. Uninstall Prior Version - The Right Way
  126. Bug report, not a suggestion: Checkboxes window
  127. Bug Report: Check Box Windows
  128. Folders, variables and wildcards?
  129. Reorganize file in SF6 project
  130. What switches does Setup Factory 6 support?
  131. Is there a way to jump back 2 screens?
  132. Edit screen (Using file filter ?)
  133. IndigoRose info in Status bar
  134. Run time support and Packages
  135. Music Master????
  136. Changing message text
  137. return to screen
  138. Action to delete folder from start menu?
  139. Removing Start Menu Shortcut
  140. unistall program run unattended,
  141. %IsWinNT4%
  142. A decompression error
  143. Sleep
  144. preventing certain paths
  145. Provision to embed animated gif images in setup screens
  146. Installing an update before doing other stuff
  147. Merge module problem
  148. Automatic restart application after new install
  149. Move back screens from after install
  150. Searching for Path
  151. My install program is too fast!
  152. Install specific file to specific folder.....?
  153. How to install file IF file is in zip.....
  154. Is it possible to create my own screens.
  155. How to limit the select files function.....?
  156. setup executable version
  157. Odd screen stretching?
  158. Run the installed app when installation finishes?
  159. Temp Directory Deleted Under Windows 95
  160. Use source sub-tree as destination sub-tree on multiple files
  161. Right align text for hebrew
  162. irsetup.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  163. Writing Installation Log File to %CommonFiles%
  164. Using RUNAS to Install an Upgrade
  165. I'm really stuck
  166. Use of Setup Factory - Overkill?
  167. Registry Modification
  168. installation files
  169. How to Install Software on a Multi-User Computer
  170. Create Custom Screens
  171. Supress Reboot from Command Line
  172. Search and Replace
  173. class module code are visble
  174. auto close after uninstalling?
  175. Veirfy Files Error
  176. Check for Administrator prior to install
  177. My instalable doesn´t display the screens
  178. Install Acrobat, if selected?
  179. crviewer9.dll
  180. Pass string's pointer in CallDLL function
  181. Build time automation?
  182. Multiple install directories?
  183. ISWIN2003
  184. Shorcut Question
  185. I cant download the runtime modules
  186. Sorry but one link not work ;-((
  187. How to ask for "OS is not XP" ?
  188. Images from data base in download description
  189. CR 8.5 Runtime Modules causing Build errors
  190. verify installed file
  191. Search for multiple files in folders ......
  192. How to get rid of shortcutfolder?
  193. Recalculate the Space Requirement?
  194. Newbie Question
  195. ((65382 + 654) / 2) = 33019 ???????
  196. How to: Make Desktop Shortcut for All Users?
  197. Using CABs?
  198. Icon that represents the exe after it is installed
  199. how do I get display propertys box to ingage?
  200. Launch an application automatically after install
  201. .msi files
  202. Conflicting dates
  203. Delay between Screens - not showing anything to the impatient user
  204. iun6002.exe stay forever?
  205. Troubles with the Default Path
  206. How to check to see if installation directory already exists
  207. how to Disable an Edit Field
  208. Unregister Font
  209. Display Properties Window
  210. How to modify environment variables...specifically the "path" ?!?!?
  211. problem with unnamed file
  212. Error Message: "IrSetup.exe generated error"
  213. Error during unzip action
  214. %IsWinXP% error??
  215. Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?
  216. possible to use 'answer file"?
  217. Dynamically rename a file?
  218. New release of Setup Factory
  219. Overwriting Silent Mode
  220. Checking Quicktime Version in Setup Factory?
  221. Arabic or Turkish Language
  222. "Get Delimited String" -- Delimiter can be a string?
  223. Using XML Or INI files during install
  224. Uninstalling my application
  225. Looking for some advanced help related to languages
  226. abort on DLL RegisterServer error
  227. How can I create an ODBC DSN?
  228. Visaul Basic DLL - Could not find function.
  229. Silent Install
  230. after installing actions
  231. Executing VBS with two parameters
  232. Check for UNC Path
  233. Setup Factory 5 Question
  234. How to disable a ckeck box?
  235. Mdac 2.8
  236. Start install with command line args
  237. irsetup.exe detected as spyware
  238. Links to your old forums are all invalid
  239. Help!!
  240. Setups within setup
  241. How to set chosen packages variable for "Ready to Install" screen summary?
  242. Silent mode - icon change
  243. Run-Time module more info links are broken
  244. Windows2000 and IsUserNTAdmin
  245. Is there Oracle Support in Setup Factory 6.0?
  246. when Turkish support
  247. Execute(..) Errors on win2000s
  248. MDAC and Jet4.0
  249. Setup.exe will not copy - Please help!
  250. Runtime VC++ 6.0 SP5